Oakland Physical Medicine, P.C.  


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
A medical specialty focused on prevention, diagnosis and non surgical treatment of disorders associated with disability.

PM & R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) specialist also cares for patients with musculoskeletal disorders with acute and chronic pain and in need of rehabilitation services.

Physiatry is branded the "quality of life medical specialty", with goals to restore optimal patient function in all spheres of life including, medical, social, emotional and vocational demands.

We specialize in Electrodiagnosis, Treatment of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal conditions, Sports and Work related injuries, Pain Management, Spasticity Management, Rehabilitation of Stroke, Amputation and Spinal Cord Injury.

Care Philosophy
To promote a person's quality of life and functional abilities. To blend the best of traditional medicine's approach of "adding years to life" with the physiatrist model of "adding life to years".